Jogger's Log

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December 2014

No entries this month. (But I want to lengthen this line to see if it makes the pages line up nicely on the screen...) (Yes, it does. Perhaps I can tweak the site so that all the pages line up nicely. Using one line of invisible text or punctuation, like dots or hyphens, could achieve that.) Pages lining up is a good thing, because then all the navigation buttons stay in the same spots from one page to the next.

Ah, no, it doesn't work. The alignment is not as simple as that. Some of the 'no entries this month' pages line up fine with the pages with full entries, and some don't. Worth checking out and fixing, but the problem is not what I thought it was.

Well, in fact it turns out that the jumping to the side a few pixels, the misalignment of the pages on the screen, is simply a browser window thing. Longer pages are shown with a scroll bar on the right hand side, so are centred a bit further over to the left. The only way I can think to fix this is to not centre-align the page, but to left-align it. That's fairly major surgery so maybe I won't do that.

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